About Us


 Sorbern is not only an online shoes retail, but a fashion products provider that we offer the service to help you to design your own dreaming shoes. No matter your shoe customization idea is based on a shoe style we sold on our online store or that existing only in your mind, we can provide full service (Redesign, Remake and shipping) to make your brand-new shoes or to give birth to your dreaming shoes. To be different, we made fashion become easy. Here we go.

How It Works

The shoes custom process is quite easy and fun. Before our customization work starts, you  should choose the shape, color, heel height and other basic elements for your shoes. Then sorbern will totally take over the left work and your new shoes will be shipped to any place worldwide in around 4 weeks. The customization goes as follows.

Sorbern customize your shoes in TWO different ways. The one is to design shoes on the basis of a shoe style we sold at sorbernstore.com, while the other one is to make a totally new shoe style through ideas or pictures you send to us. Keep in mind that different ways to design your shoes need different steps to go.